Immortality Day
Durational peformance

The movement of Russian cosmism developed around the next to last turn of the century from the spirituality of 19th century Russia. It combined ideas on physical immortality, waking the dead and trips to space with almost inexhaustible enthusiasm for science and technology. Oleg Soulimenko’s artistic project Immortality Day draws on such thought experiments as he creates a space within brut nordwest where we might begin to sense a possible new order of things. Old knowledge, different subjectivities, speaking bodies and gestures combine into a possible utopian community and cosmology.

Concept, direction, choreography, performance Oleg Soulimenko. Choreography, performance, text, drawings Mimu Merz. Choreography, dance, performance Yoh Morishita Choreography. Dance, performance, artistic assistance Jasmin Hoffer. Choreography, performance, live music Gustavo Petek. Set, costume design, choreography, performance Julia Zastava. Dramaturgical support Gabrielle Cram. Textual support Rosemarie Poiarkov. Artistic Advise Claudia Bosse. Acting coach Dasha Nosik. Light design Svetlana Schwin.

brut norwest
Premiere 12.11.2021